Thank you, Shehzad Roy, for asking people to be kind and patient with Motorway Police for doing their job

Thank you, Shehzad Roy, for asking people to be kind and patient with Motorway Police for doing their job

"Speak with grace, age with grace," say Twitterati in awe of the singer and his good conduct.
25 Dec, 2020

From voicing his opinions for the betterment of people to advocating for public health and countrywide safety, Shehzad Roy is thankfully in the news for the right reasons.

The Laga Reh singer was among those stuck on the Islamabad motorway today because of the unpredictable winter fog in Punjab. But unlike most honking impatiently and yelling at the law enforcers, this Good Samaritan conveyed a message on Twitter, asking people to be considerate and extend courtesy to the policemen doing their job and blocking the motorway for the good of the people.

"I'm currently at the Islamabad motorway and it has been shut off quite suddenly in the middle, making people upset and tense. But I believe that this has been done in light of our own safety because there's fog at the front. So I request everyone to exercise little patience."

He pointed out that to "save our lives, they are listening to everyone's abuse".

"Please be a little patient so we can reach our loved ones; just be careful," he requested, thanking the motorway police.

In response, many took to appreciate the move, thanking Shehzad for always highlighting important issues.

Many agreed

While this one sent a rishta AND got a response!

One more 'handsome' PM?

Speak with grace, age with grace


Couldn't agree more


Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Dec 25, 2020 05:52pm
Shazad Roy = If loser had a synonym
M. Saeed Dec 25, 2020 05:56pm
The comments above prove that, we are definitely led by horse-traders.
Kash Dec 25, 2020 06:59pm
Maybe if all cars sold in Pakistan came equipped with fog lights and maybe if all cars had some sort of yearly MOT test to see if cars are roadworthy. I have seen cars in Pakistan which have tyres with no tread on them or without functioning lights. This needs to change. Should implement MOT testing for cars similar to UK.
Laila Dec 25, 2020 07:03pm
He comes across as somebody with a genuinely good heart and very grounded.
NYS Dec 25, 2020 07:05pm
We stan! Motorway stuck folk please voice message use alternate way ie GT Road instead of call out cops
Laila Dec 25, 2020 09:06pm
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan why do you think that of him?
Ali Dec 25, 2020 09:10pm
@M. Saeed, don’t worry these are in abundance in our neighbours.
Chrís Dăn Dec 25, 2020 10:05pm
@Kash MOT?where this bird is found?:)
Ahsan Gul Dec 26, 2020 02:11am
These are the guys like Roy are just talk and no walk. Children of rich Pakistani who say or do actions for recognition only! Sincerely
Anonymouseee Dec 26, 2020 09:23am
Rightly said. We need to learn to be patient. This was done for our own betterment.
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Dec 26, 2020 02:07pm
@Laila : Ahsan Gul just responded to your question my friend. @Ahsan Gul: Well said.
Dr.Habib A Zuberi Dec 26, 2020 07:25pm
A country that lacks good education cannot expect to be a prosperous nation. Pakistan has the lowest rated of educated people in South Asia, but some Pakistanis have distinguished themselves as top Scientist as well as great intellectuals. However, the rate of literacy in Pakistan is lower than in other South Asian countries and claims that Pakistan is an Islamic State. Islam advocates: seek knowledge even if you have to go to China. With lowest rate of literacy this goal that every Islamic country should have cannot be achieved.
Laila Dec 26, 2020 07:38pm
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan but how do you or anybody know what he does and does not. In Islam charity or good deeds should not be flaunted. Who know what food he does privately. Intentions also matter.