Imagine The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar and Tenet, as something you could play and not just watch?

Acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan in a recent interview with The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley, expressed an interest in adapting his films into video games in the future.

Despite the challenges of game development, The Dark Knight director said he'd be interested in exploring the medium, if the right opportunity presented itself.

“The way the video game industry works, it’s really tough. You don’t want to just be doing a licensed game; tying it into something and using the brand established by the film," he had said, adding that you want it to be something great in its own right.

"It’s not something you’d ever take on lightly but it’s definitely something I’m interested in,” he added, revealing that he almost “went fairly far down the road” once, when it came to adapting his 2010 blockbuster Inception into a video game, before abandoning the idea altogether.

While movie-turned-games do not sit well with most, lets hope if it is to ever happen, it changes the popular narrative of poor critical and commercial receptions.

Nolan's recent espionage thriller Tenet is nearing the $150 million mark globally and was the first big-budget movie from a major Hollywood studio to head to theaters since the coronavirus outbreak shuttered theaters around the world in March.