We're team Diljit Dosanjh when it comes to his Twitter fued with Kangana Ranaut

Updated 04 Dec, 2020 04:56pm

Images Staff

The Queen actor, who resorted to personal jabs, ended up calling Dosanjh a pet for Karan Johar.

Kangana, girl, would it kill you to do a little homework? We're getting tired of all this fake news.

It's no surprise that Kangana Ranaut, famous for stellar acting but more so her loud, mostly misinformed opinions, has ended up in an embarrassing position for the world to notice yet again; that's what happens when you're driven by bigotry.

Involving the farmer's protests currently taking place in India, the Fashion actor found herself in an ugly spat on social media, with actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh.

Kangana who landed in hot waters passed a derogatory comment on the aged mother of a farmer at the protest, calling her a woman available for Rs100, in a tweet that has since been deleted.

"Ha ha ha, she is the same dadi who was featured in Time Magazine for being the most powerful Indian and she is available in 100 Rs. Pakistan's journos have hijacked international PR for India in an embarrassing way. We need our own people to speak for us internationally," she posted.

However, it was soon removed after Diljit pointed out that the two women were in fact, not the same.

The 82-year-old Bilkis Bano, popularly known as Shaheen Bagh dadi, was previously part of the farmers' protest against the three-farm bills. Misidentified by Ranaut now was 73-year-old Mohinder Kaur, who shut down all claims of being hired for any political gain.

The information did not sit well with the Queen actor, who then resorted to personal jabs at Dosanjh, calling him a "paltu" pet for renowned director Karan Johar.

Lashing back to give her a taste of her own medicine, Dosanjh questioned if she too was a puppet of everyone she made movies with, proceeding to call Kangana a manipulative hate-monger.

He then went on to remind her that the country was not hers alone, and if anything, she should be speaking of unifying the nation instead of dividing it.

"You have no other work that spitting nonsense 24 hours. What sort of nationalism teaches you to insult the country's elders?" he questioned her.

"Our mothers who live in our heart, you say they’re on hire for Rs100. I know all your ploy. India is not yours alone. Promoting political agenda the whole time. Punjabis have sacrificed the most and now you’re abusing our mothers. Don't worry we won't let you forget."

In response, an obviously speechless Kangana expressed her distaste at the protest, saying she was personally bothered by the violence.

The Good Newz actor then asked social media users not to be distracted from the real issue that concerned the farmers, and the protest which was peaceful and far from violent.

"It’s a peaceful protest.. everyone stands with the farmers. Everyone please note, people like Kangana are trying to destabilise the movement, divert attention and politicise it. This woman works to divert attention from real issues. Punjabis know your truth."

He then completely dismissed her, reiterating that Punjab and Punjabis can see through her personal vendettas.

"Go do your politics and wag your tail.. we want nothing to do with you. Go learn some manners before attacking our mothers and sisters. I seek prosperity and peace for everyone and know how to give it back if someone attacks," he posted.

Speaking in support of Diljit was Mika Singh, who demanded an apology from Ranaut for the disrespect.

Ammy Virk too, shared a meme in support.