Its 2020 and boys will be boys has been replaced by boys will be held accountable for their actions... especially on their big day!

Adorable nikkah pictures of newlyweds Sana Javed and Umair Jaswal took the internet by storm, as heartiest congrats and wholesome wishes poured in for the star-studded duo on their big day.

However, turns out Jaswal wasn't always the traditional groom that he seemed to be, donning in a pagri and off-white sherwani.

In a throwback to his engagement, the Sammi Meri Waar singer revealed how he showed up at his own engagement wearing his beloved biker jacket.

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"Throwback to our engagement... I got into so much trouble for not dressing up for the occasion (wearing a kurta shalwar). Truth be told I was riding my bike and went straight to Sana's place. She was furious but couldn't stop laughing, forced me to at least take off my biker jacket for this picture. Glad we captured this moment Sana," he posted.

Previously, the Khaani actor had also taken to social media to reveal news of her engagement, but I guess we now know why the groom was not included.

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Dress for the occasion boys, or the girls are shooting solo!