Plans have to be altered, masks have to be on, and precautions have to be taken.

This year, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to adapt to life differently, and alternate ways of celebrations are catching up.

Unlike every year where Shahrukh Khan used to wave at fans from his residence Mannat, this year his birthday plans are a little different.

“Iss baar ka pyaar thoda door se yaar" (This time lets love from a distance, friends), he reportedly said, revealing that courtesy of a fan club, a virtual celebration will be taking place.

“This year, we need to do everything virtually but ensure the celebrations are still grand, considering it’s a festival for us. Fans will have a virtual experience of being at Mannat from Sunday midnight through live streaming," Yash Pirani told the Mumbai Mirror

A made-to-order cake is also being prepared specially for the occasion.

The midnight celebration will be followed by a virtual party on Monday morning at 11 am with selfie booths, games, SRK quizzes and performances.

Yash informs that SRK and his team are aware of the plan and hopes that the actor could briefly join the chat. "Even if he can't, I'm sure he will do something special because he loves his fans and treats them like family."