Naumaan Ijaz's Instagram account got hacked

Published 24 Oct, 2020 12:23pm

In a world where privacy breaches are common and hackers pose a threat to digital security, veteran actor Naumaan Ijaz is the latest victim to a compromised social media presence.

Announcing the unfortunate event, Ijaz warned his fans regarding any potential suspicious activity being done under his disguise.

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"Hi everyone, luckily being so famous, some idiot hacked my insta account. So please be careful about messages or any post shared from that account," the Jackson Heights actor warned his fans.

"Kindly report Naumaan Ijaz official, I will be back with a new account. May Allah bless you all."

In a conversation with Images, his PR team also shared a heated exchange with the hacker, asking him to return the account back, but to no avail.

Hoping Ijaz can recover and be back on social media soon.