Celebrities going live on Instagram has become the new form of entertainment and now they are getting candid.

Naumaan Ijaz recently went live on Vasay Chaudhry's account and while the conversation included many things, a certain clip started going viral where the Jackson Heights actor shared his views on Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui. Again, very candid views.

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Revealing that he didn't watch Meray Paas Tum Ho - the drama which the two starred in - he went on to say, "Usually people groom over the years but [Humayun] hasn't."

"But maybe if he keeps working hard like this, maybe someday he'll accidentally know acting. I'm optimistic, one should never lose hope. I pray that he gets it soon."

Well okay... that's certainly a positive approach to the situation... What about Adnan Siddiqui?

According to Ijaz, "Adnan is right there with Humayun, if he has been successful so far then it's never too late [for him to learn]."

Talk about not holding back! The Dar si Jati hai Sila star did end by assuring people that it was all said in jest with no hard feelings.

Humayun Saeed responded to the situation on Fahad Mustafa's game show Jeeto Pakistan.

"Nauman Ijaz played my father in a previous drama,” said the Punjab Nahi Jaungi star.

When Fahad Mustafa said he doesn't want to be involved in the 'feud' between the two, Saeed, responded saying, "He’s still going to play my dad in one of my upcoming films.”

If you ask us, being a parent has nothing to do with good or bad acting skills but as long as the two mean well, they can joke however they want.