Making full use of quarantine to pursue what they love, Ahsan Khan and Fatima Ahsan have finally launched their interior design venture together.

Named The Workbench, the project-based home interior initiative is the teamwork of the Alif star and his LUMS graduate wife, Fatima who will together be transforming spaces into aesthetically pleasing homes.

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In a conversation with Images, Khan revealed how he had previously done three courses himself, with both Fatima and him together travelling to the United Kingdom to take short courses on design.

"We always had this inclination. Myself, I've done this eight years back also; it was not advanced, shared and obviously not shown because it was just for our close circle, but just for our interest, we would manage a little bit here and there," he said.

Pursuing their passion informally, the duo initially decorated spaces like farmhouses for their friends before setting up an apartment in Lahore during quarantine, for a family that wished to move urgently.

"We were living there for two months and few stores were opening so we would pick up some stuff. Then people were invited and everyone who came there loved the decor!" the Udaari actor exclaimed.

"After doing that, we thought let's pursue this now. The two months of me not acting gave me time to really think about what we enjoyed doing together the most. And then our friends were also appreciative so we thought, why not?"

Khan also mentioned how the duo currently did a small apartment project together, and how even though people have approached them, it would be impossible to take up every client, and they would instead be looking for projects that intrigue them and allow them to utilise their strengths to the fullest.

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"Fatima is super talented at really modern, cute, DIY hand-made things that she makes herself. For me, I'm more inclined towards the major work like wallpaper, colours and adding glamour, sort of the British furniture feel," said Ahsan, taking pride in their teamwork.

"So we compliment each other also, it makes a good combo."

Wishing them best of luck for this new venture!