From Bol to Khuda Ke Liye and the iconic Alpha Bravo Charlie, Shoaib Mansoor's theatrical and television masterpieces have blown the audiences away.

The writer par excellence has just selected the leads for his upcoming film and pairing on screen will be duo Maya Ali and Emmad Irfani.

"I think it would not be an exaggeration if one calls Shoaib sahab as the pioneer in modern Pakistan cinema. He is a visionary and undoubtedly a legend," Emmad exclaimed in a conversation with Images.

"Having this opportunity to be a part of his next feature film is a great honor for me and I feel all excited and raring to go already."

Without revealing too many details, the Cheekh actor also spoke about his experience of working with the maestro.

"After meeting Shoaib Sahab and going over the details of his vision for a few weeks now. Just being in his presence is a learning phase and already i'm looking forward to work with his team and him being the captain."

With the filmmaker's excellent craft, Emmad's acting skills and Maya pushing boundaries, we cannot wait to see what's in store. Watch this space for more updates.