Selflessly giving and inspirational, extremely loving and wholesome, a mother's love is truly irreplaceable and Mahira Khan couldn't agree less.

On the joyous occasion of her mum's birthday, the Humsafar actor posted a heartfelt note on social media, revealing how her mother celebrated herself in full spirit.

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"Last night, at midnight we cut Ama’s cake. It was just the four of us (make it three, Aba couldn’t keep his eyes open). And as we sang for her, Ama sang the loudest for herself - ‘May I have many more, may I have many more dear. Happy birthday to me."

"That basically sums her up. She finds joy in the smallest of things. ‘Tender mercies’ as she calls them!" Mahira said.

Wishing her a very happy birthday, the superstar also revealed the most important life lesson she's received in life, courtesy of her beautiful mother.

"She has taught me a lot, most of the time unknowingly... but the most important thing I’ve learnt from her is to be hopeful, to have faith no matter what. She always says - ‘Na umeed nahi hotay! Imaan hai toh mayoosi kaisi?’ (Don't ever lose hope! When you hold your faith, there's no room for despair.) To the most beautiful woman in the world, Happy Birthday."

"P.S In this photo, Ama is pregnant with me."

What a wonderful reminder for everyone reading. Happy Birthday to Mama Khan!