A year after Kate Middleton and Prince William's visit to Pakistan, the royal couple is following-up with the little ones at Lahore's SOS Children's Village and the Islamabad Model College for Girls.

Playing Pictionary and tracking their progress, the duo spoke to the school staff and children, filling themselves in with the events during the course of the year.

"One year on from #RoyalVisitPakistan, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge caught up with teachers at Islamabad Model College for Girls to hear how the school’s activities have been impacted, before joining pupils in a game of Pictionary Artist palette," the official press release stated.

“Has it been hard not having visitors and things like that, coming in?” Kate asked, acknowledging how the global pandemic has affected children and turned their lives upside down. Furthermore, the royal couple stressed on the importance of mental health and its absolute necessity in terms of awareness, during this time.

Recognising one of the kids he played cricket with, the Duke also laughed at the memory. "I remember you were very good with batting," he said, praising the child.

William and Kate's five day trip in 2019 was the first royal visit to Pakistan since 2006.