Oblivious to trauma and female sensitivities in the country, opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif has found himself in hot waters yet again for his inconsiderate remarks regarding the Lahore-Sialkot gang rape case.

Talking about the incident in an attempt to further his party’s agenda, the PML-N politician gloated in the National Assembly regarding how the motorway, where the incident took place, was built due to their efforts.

"Since this horrific incident took place at the Sialkot motorway, it won't be inappropriate to add that this motorway too, Alhamdulillah, was built under Nawaz Sharif's guidance and leadership," he said.

Calling him out on the shamelessness, people on Twitter voiced their disbelief and disgust on the matter, enraged at his audacity to spew insensitivity during such a critical time.

Surprisingly, in trying to justify it, PML-N loudly and proudly made it worse.

**How much disrespect can we really take?*$

An apology was demanded

Clearly this was not the time for political point-scoring

Some were angry at the self-praise and insensitivity

Others, left speechless

It’s time for some fact-checking

Seems like a lost cause

Truly, a sad state of affairs.