Turgut Alp and Shahid Afridi bond over Ertugrul and sports

Turgut Alp and Shahid Afridi bond over Ertugrul and sports

"I learnt about my popularity in Pakistan from Instagram. I had so many marriage proposals," laughed actor Cengiz Coskun
Updated 07 Aug, 2020

Endorsed by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself, it is no surprise that Dirilis Ertugrul has been breaking records and proving to be one of the most popular television series airing in Pakistan in 2020.

In a recent talk show hosted by Waseem Badami, one of the show's most sought out characters Turgut Alp (played by Cengiz Coskun), was invited to talk about his experience with the show's unexpected popularity in Pakistan.

With his past associated with sports, the Turkish actor instantly hit it off on a friendly note with Shahid Afridi and the duo shared warm invites and excitement at the prospect of meeting each other soon.

"I used to play basketball for ten years," revealed Coskun. "Played professionally for three years, but when I got injured, I started modelling, then acting, and now I’m here in front of your eyes."

While he asked Boom Boom to teach him how to play cricket, the former national team captain was pretty sure he wasn't going to take up acting.

“No chance, it's not my domain and I don't know how to act," shared Afridi. "I do TV commercials with great difficulty. It's not my job at all."

However, he did express a keenness to learn how to use the axe, from Alp himself - and like every other Pakistani, Afridi too admitted to being a huge fan of the show.

"Some of my friends were pushing me to watch this drama. When they told me it had 500 episodes, I said, 'Are you crazy'? My schedule was very busy. But once I went to Bangladesh for matches, that's when I started watching it, and this was one and a half years ago. I liked the drama so much, I finished it in just 40 days."

"My daughters were always saying, ‘Papa you're not giving us attention' and I would tell them it’s addictive. ‘Once you watch it, you'll see'. And now I’m rewatching it with them. When Halime died and Ertugrul cried, that made everyone cry in my home,'" said Afridi.

Surprisingly, Cengiz too admitted to watching every episode of Ertugrul.

"I was checking what I did, didn't do, where I went wrong," he admitted, revealing that using an axe wasn't part of his character's history but his own choice, in order to stand out as unique.

"I wanted every character to have a difference, a speciality for the story. I didn't want to be usual. I trained for three months everyday - riding horses and learning how to use weapons.”

For the all-rounder batsman, the message was very clear. "The show depicted how a real Muslim should be," said Afridi. "It brings out a message of peace, brotherhood, justice, and belief in Allah very purely."

Coskun revealed how very few people had faith in the show at the time of it was being made.

"When we started the story, everyone said we couldn't do it," the Turkish actor revealed. "I was only hoping one day it's going to be very famous in Islamic countries. Then when I heard that the show was being aired in Pakistan, I was hoping people would love it because of our country friendship and brotherhood. But this kind of response was more than I had even expected."

The star also took to thank Imran Khan for advising his countrymen to watch the drama, saying he realised the extent of his popularity through social media.

"I learnt about my popularity in Pakistan from Instagram. I had so many marriage proposals," he laughed. "I can't marry everyone!"

Mush to the dismay of his female fans, the Turkish actor also revealed that he was in a long-term relationship, but would love to visit Pakistan after everyone is safe.

Surprisingly, he was even open to the possibility of even working here. "If I see myself in the middle of a brilliant script, or some project excites me, I would love to be in it," he exclaimed.

Turgut Alp also addressed the awkwardness of Ertugrul being compared to popular series Game of Thrones, saying the costumes and historical moments were all real for them, whereas mostly imaginary for the latter.

"They are doing a good job." he settled, "but I think we are doing a great job."

With audiences binge watching the show like no tomorrow, we can say Pakistan agrees.


GK Aug 05, 2020 01:57pm
This is why I love Pakistan.
Chrís Dăn Aug 05, 2020 02:37pm
Actually Afridi is as handsome as UK was in 1990. Nice to see fit fresh and good looking athlete heroes of Pakistan.
Saira Aug 05, 2020 03:21pm
Great heroes come together! Turgut is an exceptional character and the handsome and dignified Cengiz Coskun truly did justice to his role! Love you Turkey!
Kamran Mansur Aug 05, 2020 04:42pm
Very good effort done by Waseem...keep it up!
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Aug 05, 2020 06:32pm
It is addictive no doubt about it. Brilliant effort by Turkey to highlight their historical achievements. Amazing direction, performance and management of a historical series. Weldone. All the best.
Md Naushad Aug 05, 2020 08:32pm
Very Nice serial I love
M. Emad Aug 05, 2020 08:37pm
The Turkish TV drama 'Dirilis Ertugrul' is heavily based on fictional account and little historical facts.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 05, 2020 11:44pm
A great alliance and partnership.
fida Aug 06, 2020 07:10am
ERTUGRUL is a fascinating TV series from Turkey. Very well acted with a beautiful photography. I started watching last week and in one week have watched 98 episode. The show is very thrilling, it depicts the rise of Ottoman Empire from a tribe, which was engrossed in internal crisis, but than a man of strength and belief rose among the ranks of the tribe and and laid the foundation of the Sultanate, which ruled the the world for almost six centuries. We in Pakistan had such a leader Mr. M. A. Jinnah, but difference between Ertugrul and Jinnah is that Ertugrul won the sultanate through his sword, Jinnah won Pakistan through his law books. However we have failed Jinnah, instead of we ruling the world, our Pakistan is on the death bed, because we didn't follow Jinnah's vision and motto UNITY FAITH DISCIPLINE.
Zak Aug 06, 2020 09:41am
Two brotherly countries, two nations one soul as Halima Sultan said.
Zak Aug 06, 2020 09:41am
Turgut and Boom Boom, truly good reps of the two countries.
lasun Aug 06, 2020 11:31am
Finally something about the local culture and not Bollywood
Shah Aug 06, 2020 01:17pm
Seen every episode on PTV in Urdu so far. Finally a show which portrays our Islamic history and values. Never mind the fiction part.
Spoiler Alert Aug 06, 2020 01:51pm
Dear Dawn news. Please practice good journalism by alerting users that there are spoilers in the text. Not everyone has finished all episodes of the drama like Shahid afridi. You are giving away major plot points in the text. Thanks
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 06, 2020 02:45pm
A perfect platform and alliance of friends Union.
BAXAR Aug 07, 2020 04:52pm
@M. Emad "The Turkish TV drama 'Dirilis Ertugrul' is heavily based on fictional account and little historical facts." We know, to learn history accurately we watch Bollywood movies and Indian soap opera.
Ieda M. John Aug 08, 2020 06:17pm
I love this series! I’m watching it for the second time... I wish it would never end... it is the high moment of my day... I love all of Ertugrul’s Alps. Turgut is my favorite!!!❤️❤️❤️ All the way from Brazil A Lebanese descendant...
Adam El-Mumbu Aug 09, 2020 06:07am
The show was beautiful I admire ertugrul courage and turgut confidence . Here in Nigerian I love the show
Bibi Aug 09, 2020 03:15pm
I love turgut! I love the entire cast! I binged watch and watched it all over again! Now watching Osman! Would love to visit turkey to meet with them
Taliya Aug 12, 2020 02:27pm
A good effort was done by Wasim Badami.... Two heroes.... Love for Turkey and yessss for Pakistan