The coronavirus has steered the world towards spiritual directions.

Locked away in their homes, with a deadly virus running its course around the world, people have turned to prayer.

There is talk of hope, of seeking forgiveness and of turning towards a higher power in order to seek peace. Artists have diverted from songs and stories about love towards theology; and it was Covid-induced loneliness which prompted actor Adnan Siddiqui to pen a du’a (prayer).

“Some weeks ago, at some point in the night, I found out that Tariq Aziz had passed away,” said Adnan. “I was shaken. So many people around me were dying: Athar Shah Khan, Irrfan Khan, Sajid Khan of Sajid Wajid as well as Tariq Aziz."

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A photo posted by Instagram (@instagram) on

"It made me think that God must truly be angry with us and I decided to write a du’a, requesting Him to forgive mankind and have mercy. I had tears in my eyes while I wrote.”

The du’a is based on a Quranic verse that dictates that mankind is completely dependent on Allah’s will.

“I have never written poetry before but this du’a came from the heart,” Siddiqui revealed.

The actor subsequently read out his writing to musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and instantly, the latter wanted to create a composition around it and recite it.

“We coordinated with each other and Rahat especially drove down from Lahore to record the video for the du’a. We hope to release it after the first 10 days of Muharram,” informed the Yeh Dil Mera actor said.

This du’a is an indication of how the sadness of the past few months has acted as an awakening for Adnan Siddiqui. Following Tariq Aziz’s demise, the actor went on record, regretting that he hadn’t reached out to the senior artist.

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“We need to cherish our seniors and celebrate them while they are still around us,” Adnan had said, “and from now on, I hope to honor our living legends however I can.”

While Adnan cannot reveal much about the du’a’s video right now, it is likely that both he and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will be seen on screen.

From playing the womanizing charmer in a hit drama to soulfully playing the flute on his social media profile to now, penning du’as and investing time in heartfelt Insta-live sessions with fellow celebrities, Adnan Siddiqui is man of many shades.

His du’a will be showing an all-new side to him; a cerebral, emotional side. A side the coronavirus has particularly triggered in many of us.