Summer vacay came a little too soon and stayed a little too long for children ever since the pandemic had us all indoors. Not for the parents though... not at all.

While many have taken a turn to productivity in lockdown the past few months, it is a little tough to have children bake banana bread. But don't worry, that's where we got you!

There's a lot of amazing content out there for children now, starting edutainment channels by the likes of Aaminah Sheikh and Khalid Anum, to arts and crafts conducted by Sarwat Gilani. But for the child that could benefit from lessons beyond the basic edutainment, there are places and channels that teach skills that can benefit your child in the long run.

So if there are still a little ways to go before school starts and the kids are jumping off the walls here is how you can keep them engaged in the waning days of mid summer!

**1) Reading Circles by The Reading Nook **

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Run by Sana Waqar, these reading circles keep children engaged in the art of oral storytelling and what is better than when a child is engaged in an enthralling story? Help your child's imagination - along with language acquisition and literacy skills - grow!

2) Coding Camp by Crack That Code

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There is nothing like preparing your children with 21st century skills and learning to code is something they will use in every aspect of their lives.

Faiqa Ghauri has been running the camp for a year and her students learn how to make games and programming commands. This is one course you would want to sign your children up for!

3) Writing Workshops from The Writers Den

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Want to inspire the writer inside? Scezreh Rabbani teaches young children the art of creative writing from simple prompts.

Expressing themselves in writing is a lifelong skill that children will acquire and through these classes they can get a jump start on their creative endeavours.

4) Crafting lessons by Kurachee

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In a return to the good ol' days of yore have the kids make something from their hands, summer camp style! With art supplies, ingenuity and lots of fun, the women at Kurachee take your little one through the steps of making a trinket they will be proud of.

5) Guitar lessons with Zara Chohan

If music be food for the soul then let your child strum along to new and old tunes. Zara teaches your child how to make beautiful music with a flexi-time schedule that is perfect for busy moms and kids.

Psst! You might want to join in yourself as she teaches adults too.

Additional reporting by Atiya Abbas