Child celebrity Ahmad Shah became an internet sensation for his oddly bold wit and the cutest smile.

After a viral video following appearances on morning and game shows across media channels; the child star went on to create his own YouTube channel.

After more than 80 videos, he has now gained popularity on a global scale; having garnered recognition from Youtube Creator Awards as one of the most popular channels online.

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That's right, little Ahmad now has his own Gold and Silver play button, which you get when you have a million subscribers. Yes, he has over a million subscribers. He's five years old by the way, making him the youngest Pakistani Youtuber to get this accolade.

Ahmed's videos get views by the hundreds of thousands, with his most viewed video having over eight million views. There are Nirvana songs with less views... just saying.

Ahmed, with his family, also shared a sweet video unboxing the two buttons along with loads of presents he has received for the recognition. Did we mention that he is five years old?

Congratulations to five year old Ahmed Shah for this achievement.