Rights to William Dalrymple's best selling historical epic, The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise Of The East India Company have been bought by former Disney India MD Siddharth Roy Kapur.

The producer, known for Dangal and The Sky is Pink, shared with Deadline he is set to work on a TV adaptation for the book.

“When I read the book, I was so awestruck by the potential in the material. This is an important story to tell around the world,” he shared.

“It should be done in the right way, I’m in no hurry to jump in. I want to get the right creative talent associated with the project to give it the heft it needs for a global platform.”

According to Kapur, “We’re open to discussion across the board but my instinct is to get a great show-runner to start with, someone with the experience of helming a show of this scale. Both from the magnitude of the production and the intimate, interesting, intense and dramatic characters, which is inherent in the storytelling and needs to be drawn out.”

“It would be great to get a collaborative, cross-cultural writers room in place, where you have talent from the U.S. and the UK as well as India, sitting together.”

He added, “The Indian writers will be able to bring their very local perspective, flavor, texture, character, and when it comes to structure, something of this magnitude, a lot of help can come from writers in the West who are trained in doing that.”

There is no information on casting or crew as of yet but Kapur, who has already worked on Netflix original, does point out that the chances this will be for a streaming site.

“One would keep oneself open to all options at this point in time. Yes, a streaming service is an obvious home for this, but I am looking at cable as well,” said Kapur.