The coronavirus has been spreading and it seems like it's affecting more and more people everyday.

Of course the entertainment industry isn't safe from the virus either as many celebrities have revealed they have contracted Covid-19, with some even sharing the happy news of recovering from it.

Wajahat Rauf also shared that he had luckily recovered from coronavirus but what surprised many was that he was dealing with it for 31 days! The director took to Instagram to reveal how he had the virus for a whole month.

"Corona fell in love with me for 31 days and just wouldn't let go," wrote the Karachi Se Lahore director. "It was probably the longest one sided affair I've had in my life. But she didn't love me all the way hence I had mild symptoms only."

He also made sure to point out that he "didn't tell anyone as haven't met anyone in 45 days and didn't want the attention for the wrong reasons. But I'm cool with seeking attention now."

"On a serious note, may Allah bless you all with good health and my heart and prayers go out to all those suffering or have lost a loved one due to this pandemic."

He added, "A big thank you to Shazia Wajahat for taking such good care of me, my sons for keeping me entertained from a distance and immediate family for their prayers."

According to the director, "The only real advice I can give you is, don't panic! I know it sounds a lot worse when the PM says it."

What's alarming in Rauf's situation - apart from the awfully long duration of the illness - is how he shares he hadn't met anyone two weeks prior to knowing he contracted the coronavirus. It proves how there is still so much to be researched and studied about the virus so that a vaccine can be made. Still, we're glad that Wajahat Rauf had a (not so speedy) recovery.