Ushna Shah thinks we don’t have good female vocalists so Hadiqa Kiani made a list

Ushna Shah thinks we don’t have good female vocalists so Hadiqa Kiani made a list

Shah claims every singer apart from QB and Aima Baig to be mediocre. Thankfully, Kiani came through with more than a handful of names.
Updated 07 Jun, 2020

Ushna Shah is in the spotlight today for some harsh opinions she made related to female singers in Pakistan, which understandably did not sit well with many.

In a now deleted tweet, Shah pondered why every female singer in Pakistan (except Aima Baig and Quratulain Baloch) is mediocre.

She also went on to comment on Sahir Ali Bagga's Instagram post sharing his track with Hadiqa Kiani, saying, "Putting this on record, should've taken Aiman Khan for the vocals," adding the current track "ruined my visuals."

We’re assuming she meant to tag Aima Baig instead of actor Aiman Khan. Regardless, her musings ruffled some feathers and people weren't afraid to call her out on it.

However, when Hadiqa Kiani found out about it, she responded in the best way possible. Sharing a post where Ushna implies Kiani is mediocre, the 'Kamli' singer decided to make a list of local female singers and the popular songs they crooned which are adored.

She added a few more of her favourites and made sure to add an important note about acknowledging the contribution of women in Pakistan's music industry.

Ushna Shah has now apologised to Hadiqa Kiani, blaming her "delirious and opinionated late night" moments for the incident.

We hope Ushna Shah understands that this is not the time to pit women against each other and that her comments don't come under 'constructive criticism' but came off as condescending instead. It's okay to have preferences, what’s not okay is to put other people down.