JK Rowling praises Pakistani girl's illustration inspired by her new book

JK Rowling praises Pakistani girl's illustration inspired by her new book

Just the magic we need in these times. You go, little Leila!
06 Jun, 2020

Chronicling through the lives of young wizards and witchcraft, Harry Potter has been a mesmerising turning point in many children's fantasies.

So when 10-year-old Leila found out that the British author was also inviting fans to help illustrate her new book, she couldn't help but get down to creating something for The Ickabog.

While contestants from Pakistan weren't eligible to compete, the mother-daughter duo thought it would be fun to just put it up on Twitter, just to see what happens.

"So last night, a close friend messaged me asking to retweet her tweet, where she’s posted an illustration her 10-year-old made for a competition for J.K Rowling’s new book #TheIckabog. It’s a competition but Pakistan doesn’t qualify for it. She asked me to tag JKR," her mother's friend posted on her behalf.

"So I made the case for little niece and tagged JKR. I didn’t expect her to notice but a part of me knows that Twitter can sometimes surprise you. So a little after midnight, I tweeted it and passed out after having planned to finish a half seen movie."

However, the morning took everyone by surprise, when the best-selling writer replied to the tweet, and said that she loved it.

"I LOVE this beautiful picture of the Dovetails' house, Leila! You've put so much of the story into the illustration: it's clearly a carpenter's house, with all those wooden accents, and I love the garden and flowers (but the sign to the graveyard adds a sad note broken heart,)" said Rowling.

We can only imagine the level of excitement Leila must be feeling right now. All the more reasons to love our favourite author.