Actor Naveed Raza, who recently revealed that he had tested positive for coronavirus, is done with people downplaying the pandemic.

On his official Twitter account, he wrote, "If you have 2% love for your family or people around you, STOP this 'No corona exists' party! You have no idea how painful it is to have shortness of breath, congested chest, fever, muscle cramps, non-stop headaches, no sense of taste or smell, endless fatigue and tiredness."

"Every morning brings new symptoms with fear of losing your loved ones. This is the most difficult and the worst virus the world is dealing with right now!! Corona is serious, and no one paid me to become Covid positive. Stop this stupid madness. STAY HOME, GET YOURSELF TESTED," he added.

The actor has been diligent in informing others of symptoms he experienced himself and warned members of the entertainment industry to express caution.