Bushra Ansari is pleading with Pakistanis to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

The actor shared a video message to her fans and followers, revealing she's in Toronto and can't return to Pakistan until we get our act together.

"I can't help but miss Pakistan. And I can't return because you all are roaming the bazaars," said the actor.

"You all are not understanding, you're treating this as fake or a joke. And because of that, it's spread so much and we are stuck here wondering when and how to return. We're scared, people are telling us not to go back. I can't return because of you."

She added a request saying, "Please, stop this spread, save lives. Stay home, stay safe."

Recently, several videos and pictures have been circulating on social media showing many people denying the pandemic even exists and ignoring the rules of social distancing. Pakistan is now nearing over 80,000 cases with several cases being reported each night.