I did not want to divorce Syra, says Shahroz Sabzwari

Updated 02 Jun, 2020 01:58pm

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"My separation with Syra happened in August 2019 and the reason for that is not a woman, is not Sadaf, is not infidelity," he shared.

After news broke over the weekend of Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal’s nikkah, the reactions that followed on social media were a little surprising.

Fans and followers accused Sabzwari, whose divorce with former wife, Syra Yusuf was finalised in February this year, of being a cheater and Sadaf, a homewrecker.

To put rumours to rest once again, the Chain Aye Na actor released an explainer video clarifying that infidelity was not what led to the dissolution of his marriage with Syra.

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In the four minute long IGTV clip, he laid down a timeline of his separation with Syra, and his marriage to Kanwal - saying there was no cheating involved.

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"I stand in front of God as my witness, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and our Holy Quran, and state that my separation with Syra happened in August 2019, and the reason for that is not a woman, is not Sadaf, is not infidelity."

"However, if anyone thinks otherwise, thinks we separated because of cheating, I challenge them to come with proof. Because I cannot tolerate such gossip about my family.”

The actor goes on to insist that he met Sadaf through work three or four months after his separation and the two were only colleagues (something he previously recorded in a video back in December and according to him, is now being twisted and used against them both).

"At the time, Sadaf was only my colleague, and Syra was my wife who I was separated from. After that video was recorded, Syra and I tried to save our relationship and reconcile, but the reason we separated, which is a very personal matter between us both, couldn't be resolved."

"I did not want to divorce Syra, not at all," he added. "But because the issue could not be resolved, and the process for khula involved going to court, we mutually decided to divorce each other, and go our own way with a lot of dignity. At that time, I had no illicit relationship with Sadaf," he reiterated.

Being a father to Nooreh, he said he did not want his daughter to grow up and come across this on the internet in the future.

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"Five, six years later she might look at what is being said and question me saying, 'Baba, what is this?' And at that time, I will have this video as an answer for her. She can proudly say, my father challenged people to prove what was being said. I swear on the Holy Book and I will be able to say, 'Beta, look what I said in return.'

"Anyone who speaks ill against my family, and my wife Sadaf, I again challenge you to come at me with proof of my infidelity" said Sabzwari. "Forget proof, just come in front of me and say it."

"Many people wanted me to remain quiet, but in today's world, you get nothing out of staying silent. I will protect the honour of my family and my life till my last breath."