How 40 musicians from 7 countries came together for a Pakistani song about hope

Published 29 May, 2020 04:10pm

Images Staff

Musician Kashan Admani initiated for the collaboration on Ae Khuda

With 2020 becoming more and more 2020 by the day, musicians from around the world are getting together to hope for the better.

Pakistani musician and composer Kashan Admani got together around 40 musicians from six countries other than Pakistan for a collaboration with the "message of hope, togetherness, spirituality, and social harmony."

“Music has the power to inspire hope and spread positive energy around. The idea was to come together to give hope to people all over the world and show that humanity is alive and united in these turbulent times in the fight against the novel COVID-19 pandemic,” - says Kashan Admani.

“We want to bring true optimism to people, not just one person, but the entire humanity. There is hope over despair, light over darkness, life over death, and this is what we want to remind the global population of at this time,” he added.

Artists include Grammy award-winning violinist Charlie Bisharat, Grammy nominee Simon Philips and Stu Hamm from USA, multi-award winning Russian guitar player Roman Miroshnichenko, British singer/Songwriter Lili Casely, India's Dr. Palash Sen, soloist Matt Laurent from Canada, Brazil's Luiza Prochet. Joining them is also Gumbi Ortiz from Florida, who's also spent time as Junoon's drummer.

Pakistani artists also feature in the song including Najam Sheraz, , Faakhir, Farooq Ahmed (Aaroh), Natasha Khan, Natasha Baig, Dino Ali and Khaled Anam.

The collaboration does remind us of previous charity singles such as 'We are the world'and more. Recently Pakistani celebrities also got together to perform a new rendition of 'Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai' as a tribute to the unsung heroes of this pandemic.