Hania Aamir, Adnan Malik and more speak up for Uzma Khan

Updated 04 Jun, 2020 09:56am

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Many have taken to social media to speak up about the matter, sparking discourse on patriarchy, power dynamics and privilege.

Actor Uzma Khan on Thursday filed a complaint against women whom she claimed were the daughters of business tycoon Malik Riaz after the women allegedly broke into Khan's living space with gunmen and instigated violence.

Numerous videos have been circulating on social media, first of the actor and her sister being yelled at by a woman who accuses Khan of having an affair with her husband, Usman.

However, more disturbing videos surfaced later which showed the women breaking into Khan's home with guards who are seen groping and harassing the actor along with beating her and throwing decorative items made of glass at the actor.

Many took to social media to speak up about the matter, calling out the power dynamics involved and sparking discourse on privilege and patriarchy.

Joining them are some celebrities who are expressing their outrage over the violence.

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