Anwar Maqsood just answered ten of the most asked questions by his fans.

The writer joined his son Bilal Maqsood on IGTV for a Q&A session and the most frequently asked questions made it to the video.

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It's no surprise that the first question was advice to his younger followers which was rather simple: "Don't chase money but goals."

He even threw in his famous wit when asked about when Pakistan as a nation will 'wake up' saying, "When all these morning shows will end, the nation will wake up from its sleep."

But perhaps the most memorable moment was when he was asked about the late Moin Akhtar, his co-star in the iconic Loose Talk.

When asked if he still misses the late icon, he said, "Memories never leave your heart. Like a vine, it wraps itself around a tree. Moin is like that vine wrapped around my heart."

"32 years I wrote for Moin."

He went on to say, "Big people [like him] they might leave [our] sight but are here... Moin is here. He's in every house, he's in every heart."

He also shared, "Often times when I'm writing something like Loose Talk, I write my name and instinctively start writing Moin's... then have to remove it."

The questions continued but we can't deny that Anwer Maqsood's heartfelt words left an impact. The two were known as the best duo in comedy.