Elon Musk had announced on Monday that he has been blessed with a baby boy with wife Grimes.

While of course the internet spoke a lot about this as they would with any such celebrity, it was when he revealed the baby's name that the topic just blew up.

Musk revealed that his son's name is - wait for it - X Æ A-12. No, that is not a math problem... or maybe it is? But yes, meet new baby X Æ A-12 Musk.

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Naturally, all people wanna know is how to pronounce the name, and both the parents have explained how to say it... but they never say it... so we still don't really know.

So is it Xascharchangle-12? Dare you to say it thrice in a row.

Because the world is genuinely confused and not getting any answers, they did what they do best; make memes about it and joke nonstop on social media. Twitter has been having a blast trying to decode this and we feel like it'll go on for a while.


Forgotten it twice already

We just wanna know

Pretty much

We see what you did there

Try writing that on a cake

Can imagine this

How did this happen?

We can't even!

This could be it

Ohhh so that's how you say it

It's about to be a tough life

We get it

Sure, keep telling yourself that

In the near future

And then there's this guy with a truth bomb