Tom Cruise and NASA team up for first film to be shot in outer space

Tom Cruise and NASA team up for first film to be shot in outer space

Yes, really. The International Space Station will be the set.
06 May, 2020

Action star Tom Cruise is working on a movie shot in outer space, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said on Tuesday.

“NASA is excited to work with @TomCruise on a film aboard the @Space_Station!,” NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine wrote on Twitter.

“We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make @NASA’s ambitious plans a reality,” Bridenstine added.

He gave no details but the tweet followed a report in Hollywood trade outlet Deadline that Cruise was working with Tesla and SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk to make what would be the first feature film to be shot in space.

The proposed action adventure is in its early stages, Deadline reported on Monday.

Representatives for Cruise did not immediately return a request for comment.

Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise, 57, is renowned for his daredevil films and for doing his own stunts. He flew fighter jets for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, hung off the side of a plane as it took off in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation in 2015 and climbed the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai - the tallest building in the world - for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Filming on Mission: Impossible 7 was put on hold in February as the coronavirus epidemic took off in Italy. The disease later led to a worldwide shutdown of Hollywood movie and TV production and the closure of movie theaters.


Ahmar Qureshi May 06, 2020 10:24am
That will boost Elon Musk Space X program - And we'll have another treat to watch from Larger than Life Tom Cruise! Bravo Man! :-) You Really are a Maverick
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ComfortablyNumb May 06, 2020 01:01pm
What if the ISS is already a set?!
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wasim May 06, 2020 08:56pm
Wow.... what a stride !
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