Haroon releases solo music video after a decade

Published 25 Apr, 2020 12:53pm
"Yes, I have been away from the limelight but in all these years I have never stopped writing songs," said the singer.
"Yes, I have been away from the limelight but in all these years I have never stopped writing songs," said the singer.

Haroon Rashid just made his comeback to the music industry with a single Dhundoonga that has received over one million hits on Facebook, that too, on the very first day of its release.

The lyrics have been written by Sabir Zafar while the video has been directed by Uzair Zaheer Khan.

In a conversation with Images, the superstar shared how overwhelming the return has been.

"I just put it out there and the response has been incredible, it's been so positive. The love that I've been getting from music listeners, I didn't expect it. So I just want to say thank you for all the beautiful comments and support."

He then revealed the process of releasing the track.

"Dhundoonga is a song that I composed a few years ago. This music video was planned in a very original style with a retro animation feel and then was all shot on the green screen. Then, very painstakingly the director added all the effects. This is the first time a music video like this has been done in Pakistan."

The star also spoke about his absence from Pakistan's music scene and what he had been up to all this time.

"This music video was actually done a few years ago but I was so busy with my Burka Avenger project that this never got launched. Every year, I would say okay, I'll launch it next year, I'll launch it next year but that just didn't happen. In the end, I just gave up."

"It is only because of this lockdown. I was sitting at home and my brother mentioned that you got that great song, great video, why don't you just put it out there for the fans? And I thought you know what, people are at home, some people are in tension, others are in depression and some people are bored. It will be good to launch something that gives them good fun, whole-hearted, light entertainment."

He explained his undying relationship with the art. "I am one of those people who constantly comes up with crazy ideas and then I start pursuing those crazy ideas, so then I have multiple projects on my plate. But i'm trying to make sure that whatever I do, I make time for music. Music is my first passion, its my first love, it's something i'm good at.

"I love writing songs. One thing is, I have never stopped writing songs in all these years. Yes, I've been out of the limelight but i've been constantly writing songs. Like some people do jigsaw or crossword puzzles as a hobby. But for me, I pick up a guitar and write a song."

Haroon then spoke about how he managed the project all by himself. "This video is a great, fun, happy video. Very positive, and so I decided to put it out there. There's no brand involved, there's no sponsor involved, there's no big marketing campaign, there's no big launch, I just put it out there, I just sat down, and launched it."

The Mehbooba star also reflected on the changes happening in the music industry. "The music industry has undergone a huge change. Before it was based upon television. Then the platforms on television stopped, the music channels shut down and had very low viewership.

"So then the next way to go is via social media. It has exploded in Pakistan and that's the best way to launch music, and it's what I did too. I just put this song on social media. I haven't even thought about giving it to TV channels, in fact I should give it to TV channels," he laughed.

Haroon also revealed how the lockdown has affected his relationship with work and music.

"In many ways, this lockdown has been an interesting experience for me," he said. "I have been able to take some time to connect with fans on social media, on Instagram live sessions and I've been able to put out a new music video, which is a great feeling. "

He appreciated his dedicated fanbase for their undying support: "Literally on the first day of putting it out there, its got over half a million views on Youtube and Facebook, and that's incredible!"