Dirilus Ertugul's Urdu dubbed version is ready to air during Ramazan

Published 21 Apr, 2020 04:30pm

Images Staff

The drama has been dubbed by PTV upon PM Imran Khan's request, now called 'Artaghrul Ghazi'

Are you ready to watch Artaghrul Ghazi?
Are you ready to watch Artaghrul Ghazi?

It's safe to say that Turkish drama Diriliş Ertuğrul has made waves in Pakistan.

Now the dubbed version of the show is ready to hit the small screen.

That's right, the drama, dubbed as Artaghrul Ghazi, will kick off on the first day of Ramazan.

PTV took on the task of dubbing the show when PM Imran Khan requested for it to be done so that all of Pakistan can watch it. Previously, it was his recommendation of the drama that really helped with its popularity locally.