The Red Bull Presents show is out to share some electronic/deep house/percussion fusion one cant resist.

The project caught our attention when the first track dropped which showed a collaboration between Strings drummer Aahad Nayani and DJ Faisal Baig.

"This was the first track me and Mr Baig were working on and we were looking for something really happening, progressive and with a hint of EDM," revealed Nayani in a conversation with Images.

"Initially, we were looking for some loops, and we found the start that got us hooked instantly and we thought we could make this track."

The first of the six tracks, 'Alarming', was a name well thought out.

"If you notice, there is a siren that goes off in between the track. Due to that noise, we named the track 'Alarming', and it’s for musicians who love experimental music. It’s not a commercial track, and we don't know how the general public will react to it," said the star drummer.

Baig went on to say, "When writing 'Alarming', we approached it as giving Aahad the opportunity to play really heavy drums and to match that, I wanted the electronic side to not be dancey but be aggressive, rocky and that's where the siren sound also came about. It’s an alarm for when there's a bombing raid is about to happen. Its called an A-raid siren."

"We start with this heavy baseline which was me trying to do what would normally be a guitar riff in a rock or metal sound so we said okay lets start with an aggressive base sound and then Aahad comes in with heavy drums. But then the track goes into this trance-y section which is the main riff of the track and that is the fusion of keeping that heavy rock feel, within the electronic spectrum, and then on top of Aahad's heavy drums bringing a riff that was extremely catchy."

"'Alarming' expresses the energy both him and I have about this project and where we both feel comfortable," he added.

Faisal also revealed one of the reasons why the track sounds like it does.

"Aahad and I are both into rock and metal, and I don't get to play metal because I'm a DJ and I had gotten sidetracked and gotten into electronic music, and Aahad plays with one of the biggest pop bands of the region. So when we started the project, one of the things was that we wanted to fulfill these creative expressions and dreams of ours that we weren't getting the right avenue for," he said.

The duo second track 'Closure' is also out.

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On overcoming challenges, Baig also spilled details about the production process.

"A lot of times when we were making music, Aahad and I had ideas but he would jump and shut down a lot of my ideas immediately because he is a band player. When you play for a band, someone plays something, you tell them no I don't like that and they immediately change to something else. But in a studio environment working with electronic musician like myself it takes time to move to somewhere else, to change sounds, to change melodies, stop - it’s a whole studio process," he exclaimed.

The musician then added, "Initially Aahad used to feel a little frustrated that what he wanted was not happening immediately. I had caught on to that and that's how our working chemistry had developed. After a few rough tracks which we had done, I knew exactly what was on his mind, what his comfort zone was. Since he was playing actual drums, my challenge was to keep something which had my identity, had my sound, yet give Aahad absolute and ample room to be completely comfortable and creative about it."

Drummer Aahad also added how he felt about the entire project.

"I know few people who messaged me that 'Alarming' was great, so you never know how the general public will react. This is the first such project in Pakistan's music scene history - because normally DJs and EDM hate drummers, so I was blessed that I got a chance to work with Mr. Baig. He calls me drum machine. I don't know why he calls me that but I know he loves me," he laughed.

According to the drummer, "Overall, we have so many genres: one ballad track, one progressive, one EDM, one melodic solo, and one super dark track. I think everyone will find something or the other in these tracks."