Asif Raza Mir is going international with Gangs of London

Asif Raza Mir is going international with Gangs of London

The veteran actor will be playing the role of a Pakistani gang leader in the British American series out later this year
18 Apr, 2020

Veteran actor Asif Raza Mir is all set to star in British-American action television series Gangs of London in which he'll be playing the role of Asif Afridi, a Pakistani gang leader engaged in the fight to run the city.

Created and directed by Gareth Evans, the story places immense importance on family and revolves around the complicated power shift that takes place when a father is killed and the son has to take over; when one of the heads of a large organisation gets killed, what's the power of vacuum and what becomes of the infrastructure?

In a chat with Images, Mir spoke about how he got the role when "auditions for this character opened in 2018 by the production/casting company."

Produced by Lucas Ochoa, the ten-episode series explores themes like human trafficking, money laundering, arms dealing, importing/exporting drugs and the suit of men and women at the top of the table.

Judging from the trailer, it's heavily inspired by a mixture of European cinema, Asian action movies, American blockbusters, and melded into something that also feels very British.

Speaking about his experience, Mir further shared that ''it was great working with a multicultural cast, creative and visionary director and an efficient and grand production."

A Sky-Atlantic original, the show will release later this year.