Who says there are no new trends in lockdown? We found 7

Who says there are no new trends in lockdown? We found 7

Could this be the rise of loungewear? Clearly we've been at home too long.
Updated 08 May, 2020

It's been 674 days since we've been in lockdown. Oh wait, it just feels like that.

The world has taken quite a shift since Covid-19 became a global pandemic, with many offices creating a work from home policy while many are put on hold till everything gets better.

Sure, slowly, some things are reopening like delivery and takeaway from restaurants but it's clear that there is still time before we go back to our normal ways. But we can bring a little normal back in these times right?

For example, we'd all made several predictions as to what would be trending in 2020 in terms of fashion, style and beauty but instead here we are, watching fashion shows get canceled on after the other and seeing people recreate their favourite Met Gala looks with tinfoil and towels.

However, trends are trends and we've spotted just enough to know what's been popping for the last 674 days... we mean the last few months. Can we ever stop style spotting? Nope, so here goes.

24/7 pajama party

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Ah yes, we can imagine the next catwalk event featuring sleepwear lounge as that's what we've all been wearing while self-isolating. Unless you're on a business meeting which means you have your formal top... with pajamas. We see you, and we are you.

The literally no makeup look

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The no makeup makeup look is the most popular look for the modern woman... or should we say was. Honestly, we thought the E-girl look was going to be all the rage in 2020 but instead, all those nude palettes lip tints are in the same drawer that has your old blue mascara that you should really throw out by now.

DIY Bangs

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Okay for some reason, the frustrations of being isolated is being taken out on our hair. The amount of people we see chopping off their locks and giving themselves bangs is magnanimous. While we encourage trying out a new look, chopping one's own hair off can be risky. To quote our stylist: "Please don't do anything... just hang in there till I can fix it."

For men the equivalent of quarantine bangs is shaving their whole head off. We doubt a stylist can turn that around so we just suggest a generous amount of castor oil on the scalp.

Pulled back [probs oily] hair

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You may have your hair all pulled back into a high ponytail or bun but we can smell the coconut oil from the screen. Either that or you haven't washed your hair for too long... while we understand that we're going to do you a favour and pretend it's the first option.

And why shouldn't it be? Give yourself the sleek 'wet' hair look with some oil and we're certain that your hair will look gorgeous by the time we're out what with no more heat styling.


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The best skincare accessory for many right now. We can't deny when we put on a sheet mask it feel like we're treating ourselves and also you can it works wonders! After the trends of jade rollers and AHA peels, this one is a clear favourite because y'all need to hydrate your skin!

Catchy frames, with prescription

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Lenses are so one pandemic ago! We're all at home and no one needs to get dry eyes while lounging in bed or staring at the laptop. Thanks to the fashion industry capitalising on everything, we already have so many cute frames to choose from so technically we turned visual impairment into current fashion.

Brows au naturel

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Listen, we're all at home like ALL the time. There is no way we're spending 15 minutes perfecting our brows. Also, bushy brows were already a thing so we're basically just enhancing the look. You're welcome.

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