Taher Shah's latest song is Angel all over again

Taher Shah's latest song is Angel all over again

Twitter has some thoughts on the singer releasing the track in Urdu four years after the original.
Updated 11 Apr, 2020

Let's just say, 2020 hasn't been going the way we'd hoped it would.

But we had one thing to keep us going and that was Taher Shah's announcement from earlier this year that he has a new song coming out.

The song was delayed and delayed, originally meant to drop on March 23 but then postponed to April 10. When the day came people were excited as they waited for the song. And they waited... and waited.

The song did release on April 10... just the last 15 minutes of it. And guess what it was.

Yep, it's 'Angel' all over again. Just in Urdu and with an animated video. That's right, Taher Shah isn't even in the video! Unless he's that incredibly pale prince child who's very eerie smile had us up all night.

The video itself... is definitely a piece of work. The eerie smiled prince is in love with a mermaid but the mermaid is the fairy or the fairy is the true love... we're a little lost. But hey, there's a pegacorn!

We understand that animation might have been the reason this took so long but the fact remains that this is not a new song. Maybe we'd have enjoyed the video if the Urdu version had been released longer before, considering the song is four years old. And Twitter thinks the same.


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