Rumours of a Friends reunion have been floating the web ever since the show ended. But now it's finally happening.

Last year it was confirmed that there is indeed a reunion episode in the works but there has been little information about what to expect from the special.

Well never fear, Joey's here!

Star Matt LeBlanc recently came on The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about being on the 90s hit show and gave us some interesting details about what to expect from the reunion.

According to the actor, "It's not a scripted thing, it's not an episode - it's more of the six of us talking about the good old days. It's like the band back together, just without the instruments."

Matt also shared what it was like to be a part of one of the most iconic TV shows from the nineties and how it feels relevant to him today thanks to social media.

"It felt really huge" said Matt. "But the way things are now with social media, streaming, the ability to binge-watch something, [it feels bigger now]."

"Before you only got VCR, nobody knew how to save a show - but now it feels somehow just as relevant now as it did back then. It’s funny because we’re all so much older now. You look on TV and you think ‘Look you’re so young!’ And you come back and you’re like ‘Jesus.’”

It is still unclear as to when the reunion will come out but according to Matt LeBlanc, the show will hit new streaming service HBO Max in May, perhaps then? We'll be waiting!