Taher Shah has been teasing his new track since the beginning of 2020 and we're here for it... but it isn't here yet.

The original release date for the track titled 'First Look' was March 14 but it was soon postponed to April 3.

If you think for even a second that people weren't excited about this new track from mankind's angel, think again.

People were already rooting for the track when he first announced it and they weren't slowing down. After all, it is the first release by the artist in four years.

** Even Kubra Khan can't contain her excitement!**

But then the song didn't show up and people started asking...

Well here's the sad update, the song's been postponed yet again

That's right, the song's new release date is April 10, although at this point we just feel that we've been hurt too many times.

And we're not alone as many responded to Shah's update with despair. We need this content!

The pain is real