Nadia Jamil had recently revealed she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In an Instagram post, the Damsa actor had shared that because of the Covid-19 outbreak, she might've had to wait six months to get surgery. But miraculously for her a slot opened up.

On Sunday morning, Jamil took to Twitter to reveal that she has undergone surgery and is now in recovery.

Nadia Jamil also shared an update about how she's faring post surgery and she is as positive as ever. And it looks like she has a lot to do once out of recovery!

"Today's another day... Will never take another sunrise for granted," said Jamil. "Another day to live, heal and be with you all, listen to soothing music, read, pray, thank Allah and catch up on my desi dramas!"

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"Pacing myself as I get tired easily. Which is my body telling me to rest. Listening to my body carefully. Going as alkaline as I can," she added.

Meanwhile she's "avoiding sugar, dairy, meat and anything that makes me nauseous or drains me."

Wishing Nadia a speedy recovery!