Nadia Jamil announces she has breast cancer

Nadia Jamil announces she has breast cancer

The actor shared that she has stage one breast cancer with a grade three tumour and that she's four days into treatment.
Updated 04 Apr, 2020

Nadia Jamil has revealed that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

The actor took to Twitter to let her fans and followers know.

"Last week, I was diagnosed with cancer," said Jamil.

"Now four days into treatment. In the last few days, [I] have felt all sorts of feelings from apprehension, fear, unbeatably huge love to calm, acceptance, patience, overwhelming gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility to my children, parents, loved ones, myself and you."

According to the actor, "It's stage one breast cancer [with] a grade three tumour."

She added the important message, "Regular self-checks are important ladies! Please act fast if you feel any abnormalities. Do NOT ever ignore your body, your health. I now await my surgery date and am feeling positive and loved. Please don't worry and take good care of yourselves."

While these are certainly trying times, Nadia Jamil is smiling her way through it all and wants us all to know that.

"Cancer hasn't taken my smile away," she said.

"All I need to do is think of you, watch a tree in all its beautiful rooted strength, let the wind say hello or stare at clouds floating by... A solid bowl of chanay ki daal with rice and a cuppa adrak kahva helps! Gratitude helps, your love helps, dua helps."

She also wanted her followers to know that she won't be as active on Twitter as she usually is. Nadia is one of the most engaging celebrities on the app, regularly posting, sharing updates and interacting with her fans.

"I may not be able to be as regular answering all your tweets to me. Sorry!" wrote Nadia.

"Sometimes I get very tired. Then I realise I need to reserve my strength so I can fight this illness and can eventually wave bye bye to my cancer... I cannot hate it. This too is teaching me some wonderful lessons!"

Fans, followers and members of the fraternity have sent good wishes to the actor. We too at Images hope for a speedy recovery.