Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh came under fire after they announced that they'll be donating to Shahid Afridi's organisation to fight Covid-19.

The 2011 Cricket World Cup winners had posted on Twitter about their decisions and were met with a lot of criticism.

Shahid Afridi thanked the sportsmen for their support and also had a sweet note about love transcending borders.

"Thank you for all you support," said Afridi. "Both yourself and my brother Harbhajan Singh are huge pillars of support. This bond we have shows love and peace transgresses borders when it comes to humanity especially. Best wishes to you with your noble endeavours with Yuvraj Singh Foundation."

Unfortunately for many of their followers, it was not an appreciated move.

With the tense situation between the two countries, followers shared their outrage and disappointment at the two for not supporting their own country.

Yuvraj Singh responded to the backlash, expressing his dismay at getting that vitriol in the first place.

"I really don't understand how a message to help the most vulnerable gets blown out of proportion! All I tried to achieve via that message was to help people in our respective countries by providing healthcare," wrote Singh.

He made sure to add, "My intention was not to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm an Indian and I will always bleed blue and will always stand for humanity."

Despite a global pandemic, there is still a lot of tension between the neighbouring countries. While artists like Ali Sethi and Rekha Bhardwaj try to blur the borders by collaborating, there are still those who cannot connect or refuse to do so.