Shamoon Ismail apologises for racist remarks regarding coronavirus

Shamoon Ismail apologises for racist remarks regarding coronavirus

But then he was called out for the apology not sounding genuine so he took it back. Wonder what's his backup plan now...
01 Apr, 2020

Shamoon Ismail caused a stir on social media after posting a racist tweet related to the coronavirus.

In a now deleted post on Twitter, the singer made the same comment most desi folks have been making since the news of Covid-19 spreading globally emerged.

Yep. Chinese eating bats. Except instead of Chinese, throw in a racist slur. It's what Shoaib Akhtar said, it's what your racist uncle said at the dinner table (hope he's not visiting now in the lockdown) and it's what needs to stop being said already.

It clearly bears repetition that while bats might be a possible source for coronavirus, it hasn't been confirmed that they are. But despite it all, using a slur, racial profiling and insulting an entire race - one that is actually working incredibly hard to not only defeat the virus but also help out other countries - is going as strong as ever.

Lets be honest, none of us were born woke. People around us have been making these remarks since the pandemic started. But the strong reaction the singer's comment elicited is because has a platform and influence which means he should be careful before spreading such stigma.

After being called out for the comments, Ismail deleted the original tweet and replaced it with an apology, that confused more than it calmed things.

The singer was called out once again for not apologising correctly, with people implying his expression of regret was half-hearted and insincere.

To which Shamoon responded by saying, "I have corrected myself to set an example cause people look up to me and I am answerable to a higher authority. Not because I am scared of a bunch and getting cancelled. I am not pushed on your TV or radio or on a subscription that’s paid for. I don’t owe anyone anything,”

He would later delete that tweet as well and simply say:

Yep, he went back to the Domino's thing. Remember? From the original racist tweet about Chinese eating bats?

Humans are fallible, we make mistakes; cancelling people without giving them a chance to reflect or atone doesn't help things. But even though Shamoon had claimed to have realised he might have been out of line, this post makes us doubtful he was truly apologetic considering how he came full circle.

While this may be more about the ongoing trolling between Shamoon and his haters, all we're asking is for people to stop being racist. And please, leave Domino's out of it!