03 Apr, 2020

There are two types of people during the lockdown; the ones who're just fine in self-isolation and those who can't handle the lack of social interaction.

But one thing everyone can agree on: we miss food.

Sure, you can cook. You can cook well. But it's not just the same as getting some yum takeout or getting ready for a resto outing. Everyone keeps saying it, our greatest past time is dining out. Who can deny that this lockdown would be much easier if we could order in?

There are memes everywhere about food and people can't stop tweeting about fried chicken and pizza and seekh kababs... and biryani... and nihari.... please send help.

Team Images couldn't resist and asked you all what you'd eat the moment you're out of isolation and you sure answered (so did we).

Some of you got really creative but we also noticed a lot of us wanted the same things. So here are the top choices for first meal after lockdown. We apologise in advance for the tempting pictures. We're going through the same pain.

Gol gappay

Waiting to hear the happy song 'Gol gappay wala aya, gol gappay laya!' Can't wait to get our hands on these and just chug down the imli pani!

Desi BBQ

Very few mentioned a singular item like tikka or behari boti. Most of you gave a huge list of desi bbq items like seekh kebabs, gola kababs, tandoori boti, mutton karahi... Okay. so the last one isn't BBQ, we may have thrown that in for ourselves... because we're really craving it guys!


Whether you loved 'em or hated 'em, you're certainly craving them. So many said Zinger, while others said KFC's chicken. There were more responses about KFC's chicken than just fried chicken!

Looks like the fast food chain is going to make a killing once quarantine is over. Until then maybe you can virtually date Colonel Sanders since this game lets you do that...


Pizza was another clear winner. Whether it's thin crust, deep dish, double melt, you named them all and thanks to you, we can't stop dreaming about a slice of pepperoni flatbread... with extra cheese!


We felt the pain of everyone who mentioned this. Remember the good ol' days when there was biryani available everywhere? Be it a restaurant, a small outlet or even a cart? Ghar ki biryani is great but sometimes we want that thaila beef biryani... especially now when we know we can't have it.


Usually it's a special treat to go out for sushi and enjoy some fresh salmon and let's face it, the day we get out of this pandemic is definitely a day to treat ourselves!

Greasy burgers

Not just a burger, only a few of you said that. Most of the responses were for a greasy, juicy, sinful burger. Also, just gonna say it, our kingdom for bun kababs.

So much for using the lockdown time to get fit!