Urwa Hocane has some thoughts on Covid-19 and it's impact on the world.

The actor took to Twitter to share her "mixed feelings about the pandemic."

Said Urwa, "While I am thinking that it’s a global disaster on a human level, I also notice the planet is healing which I feel was so much needed as we had become so careless about harming it and how!"

She went on to say, "While I am missing my mother and my family so so much, I am also grateful that I can be warm & safe at home, I have loved ones that I can talk to and I have food on my table."

It's good to see a celeb acknowledge their privilege of being able to handle the lockdown and maintaining social distancing.

"My heart goes out to all the people struggling right now, be it having to worry about food & health facilities or be it leaving your home to go out and fight on the frontline as a doctor, policeman, etc."

She ended her thread with "Stay strong and positive ya’ll. And most importantly be grateful and kind and stay home."

Urwa also gave a little suggestion about what to do while in self-isolation; enjoy the sunrise and sunsets!