Shehzad Roy thinks all of Pakistan should go into lockdown to curb coronavirus

Updated 22 Mar, 2020 06:48pm

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A lockdown will be imposed throughout Sindh and the singer supports the decision.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Sunday announced that a lockdown will be imposed throughout the province starting midnight for the next 15 days in order to control the spread of coronavirus.

Shehzad Roy took to Instagram to speak in favour of the decision as according to him, this action should be taken country-wide.

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Said Roy about the lockdown in Sindh, "In Sindh, I have a feeling that from tonight, army, rangers and police will take strict action and if a person is caught outdoors for no valid reason, [they] will go to jail. The officer will decide if the person is out for a valid reason, and if not, will be taken to task."

In the video he says, "Like Sindh, we should have all of Pakistan in lockdown for a few days and can save lives."

While the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases are in Sindh, the virus is rapidly spreading across the country. At this time social distancing and self-isolation are the best preventative measures to flatten the curve for the coronavirus.