For an Information Minister, Chohan is surprisingly misinformed.
For an Information Minister, Chohan is surprisingly misinformed.

You guys remember Fayyaz Chohan right?

Yep, he's the same PTI member who had to resign from his post as Provincial Minister of Punjab for Information and Culture due to mounting criticism after he made some pretty racist remarks.

Not sure why but he was reappointed in December and has now landed in hot water once again.

During a recent press conference in which he was meant to talk about the coronavirus, Chohan made some extremely ignorant and insensitive remarks about people with disabilities, and their parents.

"Whoever adopts an idealogy like "Apna sub kuch banta, bhaar mein jaye janta" (I am entitled to everything, forget about other people), God punishes them, and we see that in our society such as handicapped and differently-abled children being born."

He went on to imply that this was a divine "azaab" on corrupt and immoral human beings.

Thankfully, another PTI minister, Shireen Mazari was quick to call him out

People holding public office have a responsibility

It's morally repugnant to make comments like these when people with disabilities have fought this very stigma

Lets focus on inclusion of marginalised communities instead of indulging in ableism, shall we?