Umair Jaswal is out to revamp fitness apparel in Pakistan

Published 02 Mar, 2020 04:00pm

Images Staff

The singer has launched his own line of athletic wear with the aim of "good quality at affordable prices".

The singer has launched his own line of athletic wear with the aim of "good quality at affordable prices".
The singer has launched his own line of athletic wear with the aim of "good quality at affordable prices".

Umair Jaswal is venturing into the world of fitness.

The singer has launched his own line of active apparel called Revamp. Speaking to Images, Jaswal revealed that he created the brand with the aim of "good quality at affordable prices."

According to Jaswal, "Something needed to be done for the fitness wear industry of Pakistan. I wanted to restructure and improve what was being sold in Pakistan."

"Revamp came in because I wanted to bring something new, something fresh to the table."

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Jaswal, who's been into fitness for 15 years himself, said, "I believe that when you wear something good, when it fits you properly, it makes you feel better. When you work so hard on your physique, it needs to show. You need to wear clothes that can compliment your physique. All of these things gave birth to the name Revamp."

It all started when the singer noticed something missing from the Pakistani market.

"When I would go out to buy something that would look nice on me, I noticed two problems. The first would be that some nice products from international brands wouldn't be available locally. We would get a limited line. Whatever was available, it would be ridiculously expensive."

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"Even as someone who can afford it, I got sick of buying overly expensive clothes. It would discourage me to shop and I realised that Pakistan has such potential for all this. Pakistan's textile industry is enormous, we export all our good stuff and big brands get their stuff stitched in Pakistan! But looking at the athletic wear that we have in Pakistan, I was never really happy with the quality that they were providing."

He went to say, "It came to me that nobody’s going to make high quality athletic wear in Pakistan at a reasonable price and that was my first inspiration, getting something that people can wear without having to go to a branded store and buying something with their full salary."

About his products at Revamp, he said, "I’m trying my best to stay within the price range of my competition to provide you with something slightly better in quality, so that you can enjoy your workouts and you can feel good about yourself. At the same time, these clothes would last you not just a year but a couple of years down the line."

Right now with summer approaching, Revamp is working on fun designs for the season. Jaswal revealed he's especially excited for summer hoodies which "so many international brands make but don't really exist here. I hope people like our dry-fit summer hoodies."

Is fitness apparel it for the singer as long as it comes to encouraging a healthy lifestyle? Not at all, as he revealed he is also working on opening up his own gym.

"It's going to be a franchise model," said Jaswal. "It'll be a state-of-the-art facility open that won't be too expensive and accessible to everyone. I want to promote fitness in Pakistan and the notion that it's not just for a certain group of people."