So is croissant a puffy paratha now? Oh wait, that's a puri...
So is croissant a puffy paratha now? Oh wait, that's a puri...

We just want to start off by saying yikes.

South Asian culture has had its moments of fun at the expense of culture appropriation; from kurtas (without pajamas) being labeled as bohemian dresses to the ajrak print called 'brick multi' design, there's been a lot.

But it's one to to appropriate our fashion and it's another to mess with food. That too, the wonderful paratha!

Recipe website Nyonya Cooking uploaded a paratha recipe post... but there's one problem.

Yes, the beautiful paratha that we all love and enjoy is now the 'flat Asian croissant' and that hurt to say out loud.

It's no surprise that paratha lovers were outraged at this behaviour.

Nyonya cooking did clarify why they went with the label, claiming to have thought of it as a fun title to make their post relatable.

Clearly many did not relate as they took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the matter.

What is happening

This is not what we mean when we say assimilate

Stop this gentrification

No one is happy about this

That was painful to read

It is a conundrum

Well in that case

We live in a society

With 'Chai Latte' and 'tomato puree'?

Guess it's time to embrace it

Though we don't want to

But not this one

What's next?

Because there are real problems in life

Dominos seized the moment and slayed