Women peacefully put up Aurat March posters, men violently tore them down

Updated 25 Feb, 2020 01:05pm

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A beautiful mural put up by Aurat March volunteers was destroyed in Lahore. The patriarchy really hates posters, huh?

The patriarchy really hates posters, huh?
The patriarchy really hates posters, huh?

In the past two years, women have been subjected to online and offline abuse and severe backlash for simply marching for their rights in a peaceful protest all over the country.

While this usually kicks into high-gear after the Aurat March, this year, male egos were bruised way before the actual event.

Aurat March volunteers, after getting due permission, put up a mural in Hussain Chowk, Lahore to voice the concerns of women underrepresented and silenced in society.

Ironically, the artwork was torn apart by a mob within hours, who was clearly uncomfortable with the idea of women taking enough space on walls that were already surrounded by political agendas or advertisements about 'mardana kamzori ke ilaaj.'

As the March approaches, women and allies attempt to reclaim public spaces and create awareness regarding patriarchy that affects both genders and our society on a whole.

They say third time's a charm but people seem to get even more frustrated with the idea of mutual respect.

It's kind of funny if you think about how tough these men must have felt destroying artwork...

Good to know the patriarchy is afraid of a mere poster.

Salman Sufi calls out the act of violence as stemming from male insecurity, and where is the lie?

''If you hate in extreme the artwork put up by a woman, imagine the extent to which you could hate the woman herself?"

In an attempt to resist the forced silence, artist Shehzil Malik encourages people to download her poster and speak to friends, family and neighbours about what it means.

We will continue to march, say our allies. That's the spirit.

What good has anyone ever gotten out of violence, we ask?