Luxury yacht cruise, cosmetic surgeries, gold-plated bath bombs, and multiple vacations, all inside Oscar goody-bags.
Luxury yacht cruise, cosmetic surgeries, gold-plated bath bombs, and multiple vacations, all inside Oscar goody-bags.

An Oscar nomination usually opens doors to bigger roles, higher pay and a whole lot more of the paparazzi.

However this year, it also comes with a cruise on a luxury yacht, cosmetic surgeries, gold-pleated bath-bombs and a personal matchmaking service, all in a gift bag worth more than $225,000.

The gift bag, which is not affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is sent to all 20 acting nominees, and assembled by the Los- Angeles-based company Distinctive Assets.

“It’s the highest value we’ve ever put together,” said Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary, who has been assembling the bags for 18 years.

This year’s top swag includes a $78,000, 12-day yacht cruise; $20,000 of facial rejuvenation treatments; and $20,000 in matchmaking services.

Here are some goodies that will blow your mind:

A 12-day trip to the world’s first discovery yacht:

Luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse
Luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse

The scenic eclipse takes attendees into the Antarctic while they can enjoy on the two Airbus H-130 T2 helicopters worth almost $9 million, fest on invitation-only seven course meals across private chambers, blow some steam off the thermal lounges, and relax at the elaborate spas.

Romantic Getaway at the Spanish Lighthouse:

Spanish Lighthouse in Canary Islands
Spanish Lighthouse in Canary Islands

Goody-bag recipients along with seven additional guests are invited to stay in Canary Islands at the Faro Cumplida lighthouse.

Featuring an infinity pool 112 feet high, the guests can soak in breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounding banana plantations and the emerald-green La Palma mountains altogether.

Luxury procedures from cosmetologist Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich:

Botox, laser-skin surfacing, chemical peels, fillers or injectables – stars can now pick what they want to spend their $25,000 vouchers on.

A 24 karat gold Royal Chakra Bath Bomb:

24 karat luxury bath bombs
24 karat luxury bath bombs

These luxurious bath bombs from Hotsy Totsy Haus are made from lilac brazillian clay, and infused with vegan coconut milk dissolving to reveal a full moon charged amethyst crystal. We’re feeling relaxed just thinking about it.

One-year membership to Britian’s premium match-making agency:

Drawing down the moon, voted Britain’s number one match-making service now lets our stars gain access to premium services such as headhunting, date-coaching and introductions to like-minded individuals searching for their perfect ones.

A five-night stay at a new lifestyle hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Poolside yoga and rotating art exhibits are the perfect excuse for our favourite celebrities to have a vacation off their vacation.

More than a dozen items have philanthropic elements, including a book that empowers young girls and a cleanser that supports showers for the homeless. Fary said the bags aren’t given based on need, but appreciation. “This is an acknowledgment of an amazing performance that they put in and, for many of them, a lifetime of amazing performances. So you’re never too rich or famous to outgrow gratitude,” he said.

The nearly 80 items also include clothing, gadgets and a 24-carat gold-plated vape pen that Fary said was selected with Leonardo DiCaprio in mind. Photos of DiCaprio vaping a few years ago helped popularize the trend.

Leo at the Golden Globes giving Academy some major inspo.
Leo at the Golden Globes giving Academy some major inspo.

Because Fary is not officially connected to the Academy, he’s allowed creative freedom with what’s included and its recipients.

"I only give this to the top acting and directing nominees. So, because we’re only gifting about 25 people, that means I get the most insanely priced things,” he said.

Each bag is delivered directly to the nominees during the week leading up to the Oscars on Sunday. When are we getting our delivery?

Read the full list of goodies here