"Why is it so easy to have our voices silenced?" questioned the actor.
"Why is it so easy to have our voices silenced?" questioned the actor.

Former actor Zaira Wasim has something important to say.

Taking to Instagram, the Dangal star has voiced the concerns of Kashmiris and their frustration.

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"Kashmir continues to suffer and see-saw between hope and frustration," writes Zaira.

"There’s a false and uneasy semblance of calmness in place of escalating despair and sorrow... Kashmiris continue to exist and suffer in a world where it is so easy to place restrictions on our liberty."

She went on to question, "Why do we have to live in a world where our lives and wills are controlled, dictated and bent? Why is it so easy to have our voices silenced? Why is it so easy to curtail our freedom of expression? Why aren’t we ever allowed to voice our opinions, let alone our disprovals, to decisions that are made contrary to our wishes? Why is it that instead of trying to see the cause of our view, our view is just condemned ruthfully? What is so easy to curb our voices so severely?"

"Why can we not live simple lives without always having to wrestle and remind the world of our existence. Why is that life of a Kashmiri is just about experiencing a lifetime of crisis, blockade and disturbance so abundantly that it has taken away the recognition of normalcy and harmony from the hearts and minds?"

"Hundreds of questions like these-unanswered; leaving us bewildered and frustrated, but our frustrations find no outlet. The authority doesn’t make the slightest effort to put a stop to our doubts and speculations but stubbornly tend to go their own way to confine our existence mired in a confused, conflicted and a paralysed world," added Wasim.

She ended her note with: "But I ask the world, what has altered your acceptance of the misery and oppression we’re being subjected to? Do not believe the unfair representation of the facts and details or the rosy hue that the media has cast on the reality of the situation. Ask questions, re-examine the biased assumptions. Ask questions. For our voices have been silenced - and for how long....none of us really know!"