Teeli has a new web series coming out about women in Pakistan

Teeli has a new web series coming out about women in Pakistan

The four-episode series is called superheroes.
03 Feb, 2020

After Teeli's Summer Love web series, the platform has a new project on its way to the internet.

A four-episode web series is in the works which will show four different yet connected women navigating their lives in Pakistan.

A trailer for the series is out which lets us know what to expect.

According to Teeli, "each episode looks to show the day to day trials, tribulations, and celebrations of modern-day Pakistani women, tackling subjects like work, personal ambitions, family life, raising children, and their place in society. "

The series has been titled Superheroes.

Says writer Gul Zaib Shakeel, "Television seems obsessed with dictating what makes a woman good or bad. Every female character in Pakistani fiction on TV is an iteration of either a damsel in distress or a conniving puppeteer. There's so much more to a real woman's identity and existence."

"We want to break that mould and tell stories that don't hurl you into depression but rather make you smile with their familiarity."

Added Wali Tirmizi, COO Teeli, "Since its launch more than two years ago, Teeli has tried to offer itself as an alternative to Pakistan’s mainstream entertainment media and the dated mindset that it brings to storytelling. We believe that, now more than ever, it is the need of the hour for Pakistani media to offer an alternate narrative of women and Pakistani society in general. The team behind Superheroes has attempted to do just that with the series.”

The series will be a collaboration with Shaan Foods which wants to break the gender stereotypes in the kitchen. According to their brand manager, "We have come to understand and realize that the women in our society have broken away from age-old traditions of being just housewives and are now equally contributing in homes and offices if not more than men."

"Our new communication platform of #MoreThanACook aims to recognize the need for our society to break free from gender stereotypes and enable women to do even more in their lives. Teeli's brilliant satire brings the idea to life in our signature web series Superheroes and will make waves on the digital front.

The first episode is out now on Teeli's YouTube, with an episode coming out every week after that on Fridays:


Toni Feb 04, 2020 12:40am
This is a well awaited raising passion of the women in Pakistan, perhaps a natural progression from up until now the dramas have reflected how the society has thought and it worked. It needs to be carefully balanced as most men are not enemies of women and neither side need be painted as that in the process of change in societal attitudes. To be fair to all the dramas of the past, which were not just reflecting on Paternalism ONLY. There was Maternalism too, as mothers had a say what their daughter accepted as best for the family, which was almost as if a tribal traditional living in a contemporary society.